Our Mulling Recipe

The Fine Cider Company Our Mulling Recipe

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It took us several years to perfect our own mulled cider recipe; which works beautifully with Oliver’s 20 litre Wild Farmhouse cider box! Which lasts well once opened (just keep it in the fridge & avoid moving it too much) for whenever you fancy a mulled cider! So would be a great thing to set yourself up with for Christmas!


As the seasons shift and days get colder, there is nothing better than the rich comfort of spice on your cheeks & gently steaming warmth in your fingertips & in your belly! Our recipe involves making a syrup - so you get all the flavour benefits of long, slow cooking, whilst not boiling any alcohol off; it also means you can blend the mulled cider to your own taste:


Step 1 - ingredients:


Step 2 - toasting:


Step 3 - slow cooking your syrup: 


Step 4 - drinking: 

Now simply mix your syrup with your cider, at roughly a 1:10 ratio (or to your own taste), & warm it to a lovely steaming (but not boiling) level!  And ENJOY!!

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