Oliver's & Pilton - Pollination 2021 (Cider in a box)

The Fine Cider Company Oliver’s & Pilton - Pollination 2021 (Cider in a box)

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Medium Still Cider

A collaboration between two titans of the Fine Cider movement, a heavenly combination of styles, bringing together the best of Tom Oliver of Oliver's Cider & Perry, Herefordshire, & Martin Berkeley of Pilton Cider, Somerset.

Oliver's brings the boldness of Herefordshire cider apples, that lovely acid balance & those tannic complexities, a Pilton that unique Keeved texture, & sumptuous very slight residual sweetness. Pollination showcases just how naturally cider can be enjoyed in a wine-like way, poured by the glass, with finesse & nuance, but at a far better price tag than the average bottle of decent wine.

An inviting rich, candied apple aroma introduces this tasty, fruity cider. Rich and chewy, with hints of crumble and sherry under a muscovado, with rum and raisin canopy. Picture incredibly smooth, soft, balanced orange wine; with strawberry oozing off the nose, a perfectly placed little lift of acidity, & rich full fruit of spice & mandarin notes, followed by the most delightful dusting of tannins. Alc. 5.3% vol. Costing as little as the equivalent of just £6.75 per 750ml bottle!!

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