Mixed Six Can Selection - Intro Pack

The Fine Cider Company Mixed Six Can Selection - Intro Pack

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Some of the most intriguing new creations in the world of fine cider at the moment are some exceptional cans! So we decided to bring these beauties together - with environmentally friendly cardboard - to create the perfect introduction pack. 


It's an absolutely ideal way to dip your toes, at a great price, into this new world of fascinating cider, to taste all that cider can be (& spoiler alert, canned cider does not have to be drunk on park benches, it can hold its own at the dinner table, pairing beautifully with food!). In our mixed four packs currently contain:


3 x Oliver's Fine Cider 

Unfiltered, wild fermented, & full of the depths of dry cider!


3 x Oliver's Guilty Pleasure 

A guilty pleasure as it’s slightly sweetened, but don’t let that fool you, this is a wild, robust, fascinating cider! 

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