Jonagold & Falstaff Pet Nat 2020

Townsend Farm Jonagold & Falstaff Pet Nat 2020

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Dry Sparkling Fine Cider


At Townsend Farm, James Hall grows a ​variety of dessert & cider apples. Sat​ ​in ​the heart of ​Herefordshire​, they began exploring​ fermenting their juice, keen to see ​how early ​or​ late​ harvest, & low or high ​hanging ​fruit,​ impacted the juice & the cider that results.


The apples used here, Jonagold and Falstaff, when fermented dry will usually lean toward the acid led, lighter style of cider made in the UK. This has similarities to a crisp white wine, with lots of zingy citrus notes billowing from the popping bubbles. The mouthfeel is like lemon sherbet, rounded nicely by the mellowing unfiltered yeast lees in the bottle. Alc. 7.4% vol.

You will be able to find this in our Herefordshire selection too.

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