The Barrel Room Series

Oliver’s The Barrel Room Series

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An incredibly special set of bottles, that will give you a rare insight into the legendary Tom Oliver of Oliver's Cider & Perry; Tom went around his amazing barrel rooms, which feature over 100 barrels of former uses (including Chianti, Calvados and Islay Whiskey among others), & selected 6 of his absolute favourites! 


Each one is different, & together they form incredible set of single varieties, including rare and local varieties.

The full set of 6 contains (set of 3 contains those with an *):


Oliver's White Beech 2018*

Oliver's Red Pear Perry 2018*

Oliver's Foxwhelp 2018

Oliver's Eggleton Styre 2017

Oliver's Michelin 2019*

Oliver's Yarlington Mill 2019

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