Tamoshanta 2019 (Cider in a box)

Pilton Tamoshanta 2019 (Cider in a box)

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Keeved Medium Sweet Fine Cider


Notes of oak, whisky with natural sweetness and robust Somerset tannins

Keeving and initial fermentation takes place in large vats but on Burns Night the young cider is transferred to Scotch whisky barrels to finish and mature


Fermented in oak with wild yeasts 


Comes in a 5 litre box (that's more than six 750ml bottles, & the equivalent of just £3.66 a bottle including delivery, at our best value price!) with a tap; excellent to keep in the fridge & serve on a hot day


Once opened it can be stored inside of the fridge for up to 30 days and will last more than a year unopened


Alc. 4.9% vol


First things first, are you of legal drinking age?

No, but I'm working on it