Didgeridoo 2019 (Cider in a box)

Pilton Didgeridoo 2019 (Cider in a box)

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Keeved Medium Sweet Fine Cider

This still cider is smooth & rich, having been fermented, ever so slowly, from the balmy autumn of 2018 until the crisp spring of 2020. It perfectly combines the sumptuous complexity of a keeved cider, with the warming funk of a traditional Somerset farmhouse cider; it's also great for making Mulled Cider!


Comes in a 5 litre box (that's more than six 750ml bottles, & the equivalent of just £4.20 a bottle!) with a tap; excellent to keep in the fridge & enjoy over a nice few days; once opened it can be stored inside of the fridge for up to 30 days! Alc. 6% vol.

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