Dead Flowers 2019

Little Pomona Orchard & Cidery Dead Flowers 2019

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Still Dry Fine Cider


The second vintage of a very sought after bottle - with a uniquely sumptuous nose. This a concept cider, one the rests mainly in the heads of the makers: it’s not about particular apples or specific techniques, or periods of time or types of barrels, it’s about unique flavour & an aromatic profile, which is highly elevated, exotic, perfumed, herbal, laden with fleshy fruit, tangy fruit, dried fruit, citrus oil, spices & incense!


In the blend is Yarlington Mill (67%), Harry Masters Jersey (25%), & Browns Apple (8%). Barrel aged, it has a heady perfume, mandarin notes, clove spice & some lovely soft tannins. Afficianados of skin contact whites will get this cider immediately... 7% abv. 

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