Stoke Red Single Variety #2 2020

Wilding Cider Stoke Red Single Variety #2 2020

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Naturally Sparkling Medium Sweet Fine Cider


This is the second single orchard Stoke Red Wilding made in 2020; from a beautiful old orchard in Ditcheat, with trees of similar age to the Abbot's Leigh orchard, that their first came from. They were picked in the same week as the Abbot's Leigh fruit, & pressed on the same day, then fermented in the same way, & racking on the same day each time (Rural Method) before bottling on the same day in the summer.


The result is intriguingly different, considering the main difference is only the orchard the fruit came from, not the manner of making! This one is lighter in colour, with less of the typical rose/strawberry aroma of the Stoke Red apple. Instead it has a more savoury, structured character with the same tension in balance of tannin, acid & sugar. Very classy & better with savoury food than sweet. Alc. 3.7%.

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