Pilton Cider Selection

Pilton Pilton Cider Selection

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Martin Berkeley, the maker of Pilton cider, is a master of Keeving; a wonderful process that allow the maker to retaining retain some of the sumptuous natural sweetness in a cider. It's an ancient technique, but even today one that takes a lot of skill to do well; & when done well the results can be exceptional. 

Martin is based in Somerset, often seen as the spiritual home of cider is Britain, giving him a glorious abundance of traditional cider apples to work with, but he also loves to follow his curiosity & experiment, creating some truly fascinating bottles, such as co-ferments, in the process. 

Selection of 6 includes 2 of each. 

Road Trip 2020 

Tamoshanta 2020 

Pomme Pomme 2021 

Selection of 3 different vintages of In Touch bottles is also available. 

In Touch is a complex yet sessionable & fruit forward keeved cider, fermented in contact with grape skins. Guest blending by Martyn Goodwin-Sharman. 

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