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The Fine Cider Company Pilton Cider - Gift Selection

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This one is for gifting!!  3 delicious bottles, each individually dressed up in elegant Pilton gift packaging (recyclable, of course) - in one fell swoop you have gifts for a whole host of family or friends covered; you can even choose which cider is right for whom. 

Getting gifts for those you love can be such an incredible joy! And for anyone who likes something exceptional to drink, who doesn't necessarily know yet what you do - just how incredible cider can be - it might not just be a bottle you are giving, but a passport to a whole new world of taste & joy! As for everyone who knows this side of cider, there was a first bottle, a starting point, a point of real revelation, where it all began. 

Who knows, give the gift of cider, & come next Christmas your lucky loved recipient may be the one giving you cider... having filled a year of wonder, down the rabbit hole...  


The case of 3 contains: 

Smokey Plum  2020 - Medium Plum Co - Ferment 

Road Trip 2019 - Still Medium - Dry Fine Cider

Three Cherries 2021 - Medium Sweet Keeved cider with lime and cherry

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