Pet Nat Cider 2020

Oliver’s Pet Nat Cider 2020

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Pét-Nat Medium Dry Fine Cider


The foundation to this cider is traditional (soft) bittersweet apple varietals, from older orchards that are only grazed by livestock or mown. The resulting fruit is low in nutrients but high in fermentable goodness, & this helps create the prefect conditions for a complex, fascinating, sumptuous keeved sparkling cider. 


Golden orange in colour, the cork opens with a nice pop; the cider itself pours easily with a sparkle that persists in the glass for quite a while. On the nose there are sweet, ripe & spicey apple notes, that give way to a full bodied, orange & clove spice tasting cider, with a gorgeous mousse from the conditioning in bottle; the bubbles in Pet Nat Keeved cider can have such a wonderful texture! A full mouthfeel follows, with a long finish, aided by the slight bitterness & astringency from these class of apples. Alc. 6.4% vol.

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