Peppershells 2021

Wilding Cider Peppershells 2021

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Still Medium Fine Cider


Yarlington Mill, Blenheim Orange, Harry Masters Jersey, Tremlett's Bitter and Browns. The varieties that make the blend in this single orchard cider from this ciders eponymously named orchard, Peppershells. It is a small orchard but a perfectly formed orchard on great soil in Compton Dando. 2021 was the first vintage Beccy and Sam started renting this orchard, and this is a selection using the very best of the fruit that year. 

The result is intensely rich and concentrated, with cooked fruit and spice aromas & good tannic backbone.  

Drink lightly chilled, not too cold. Great with food. Alc. 6.2%

First things first, are you of legal drinking age?

No, but I'm working on it