Nittiness & Whizz 2020

Oliver’s Nittiness & Whizz 2020

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Sparkling Medium Fine Cider

Made to celebrate the release of James Crowden's new book "Cider Country", this Pet Nat honours the cider made in the 1600's in Herefordshire, using vintage Herefordshire Cider apples & blending the best of the 2020 seasons harvest; this sparkling cider uses old language to describe the most modern of drinks.

Classic bittersweet apple spice on the nose & a big, earthy, fruity cider with wonderful apple sweetness, & beautiful conditioning which allows this cider to sing. Approaching 400 years of cider making since the legendary Redstreak apple covered Herefordshire. Alc. 4.3% vol

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First things first, are you of legal drinking age?

No, but I'm working on it