Guilty Pleasure 2022 (Cans)

Oliver’s Guilty Pleasure 2022 (Cans)

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 Sparkling Medium Cider

A new batch of the Guilty Pleasure Ciders.
This is the cider to drink at the end of the wine fair; the one for street food; to have sat in the fridge for a time most desired; because you're having a barbecue & just want to unwind. It's a humble but brilliant one for those times after the main event, when you just want to switch off. The Stoke Red really playing well with the Foxwhelp on top of a bed of Yarlington Mill and other assorted bittersweets.

Satiating those desires for something with a little sweetness, have those bubbles dance in your mouth, without having to resort to something crap. It has a big spicey nose, with a touch of funk. The first taste is bright acidity, matching the apple sweetness, then the orange & clove character builds. It's a cider alive & full of flavour. A really tangtastic fruity juicy Guilty Pleasure blend. Alc. 5.9%

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