Almost A Pet Nat But Still A Juicy Perry 2020

Oliver’s Almost A Pet Nat But Still A Juicy Perry 2020

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Medium Dry Sparkling Fine Perry


A blend of keeved perries fashioned from perry pears grown on old standard trees. Varietals include Blakeney Red, Red Longdon, Gin, Red Pear, Winnall's Longdon, Hendre Huffcap, and some Brandy, and Butt. Bottled with some fermentable pear sugars remaining to give gentle conditioning in the bottle. Hence also some sediment. So pour with care.

Citrus features heavily, both on the nose and in the taste, so a base of rhubarb, gooseberry, and a hint of ginger with nice melon and lime in the mid-range and some lychee and elderflower in the top end. The bubbles fill the mouth with a nice mousse and there is a touch of biscuit in the finish. Wonderful as a celebratory drink on its own whilst having the ability to go along with classic perry combinations of food such as light cheeses, and aromatic cuisines with gentle spice and meats. Abv 6.7%

First things first, are you of legal drinking age?

No, but I'm working on it