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The Fine Cider Company Traditional Method Selection

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What separates the 'Traditional Method' from all the other ways of creating the fizz in your glass, is the occurrence of not just one, but two fermentations inside the bottle. Such sparkling drinks have have a little know history in cider: back in the early 1600's strong enough bottles, to contain such high pressures, were invented in Britain!


These newly invented stronger glass bottles set the stage for purposely sparkling drinks to start being made, and some of the first people to do so were West Country cider & perry makers; long before Champagne became what it is today. And you can read more about this fascinating history, one that pre-dates Champagne, in the wonderful research & writing of James Crowden HERE.


This selection currently contains 3 exceptional bottles from 3 different regions, all were made with the Traditional Method, they are each something special, holding complexity & layers of flavour, not simply vibrant bubbles.


Find & Foster - Appellation 2020 - from Devon 

Two Orchards Traditional Method 2020 - from Sussex 

Naughton Cider Traditional Method 2020 Brut Vintage- from Fife, Scotland


Next time you have something to celebrate, celebrate with cider, it'll feel that bit more special & unique...


Is cider the next champagne? - A Financial Times article by Alice Lascelles, read it HERE

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