To Boldly Go, Who Mourns for Grapes? 2022

Little Pomona Orchard & Cidery To Boldly Go, Who Mourns for Grapes? 2022

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Pet Nat Cider Perry Hybrid with Sour Cherries

To Boldly Go opens a new frontier in winemaking, cider making & perry making - combine all three and this is what we have here in this riotous celebration of late summer. An equal portion of each, sour cherries & perry pears both from Throne Farm in Herefordshire and Discovery apples from Cotswold Orchards in Worcestershire. 

The cherries underwent carbonic maceration for four weeks before being blended with the bright fruity Discovery juice to ferment together further before a tannic perry was blended in to help clarify the juice and add weight and flavour. 

It is a full-on riot of cherry and pears in the mouth, with the Discovery apples providing subtle red fruit perfume. It's bright red in colour, super creamy, with beautiful aromas of sweet cherry, blossom, ripe pears, and bubble gum. Abv 7.2%

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