Christine’s Smile 2021

Oliver’s Christine’s Smile 2021

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Bottle Conditioned Medium Fine Cider


Typical Oliver's keeved cider using fruit from older trees (over 30 years old) in Herefordshire orchards. Full on bittersweet varietals like Yarlington Mill, Sheep's Nose, Michelin and Dabinett. The slow fermenting naturally sweet juice is bottled and then continues fermenting in bottle until the yeast can no longer stay active. The conditioning is bright and lively.

Chill well, as there is a good pop on opening (don't open at room temp). Wafts of date, fig and warm spices on the nose. In the mouth it continues with some added leather and bitter sweet notes from the apple tannins, all counterpointed by a bright acidity and the lively effervescence. Alc. 5.2 % vol.

You can also find this bottle in our Oliver's selection case. 

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