Small Bottle Selection - Intro Pack

The Fine Cider Company Small Bottle Selection - Intro Pack

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While we love the variety, complexity & charms that large bottles can hold, every now & then you just want a small bottle of something wonderful to enjoy; a case of such little gems, to have in reserve, for whenever you simply feel like a cider or perry!


Few makers manage to get such quality cider into such small bottles, at such a price, as Oliver's or Pilton, & this selection proves it. From still bone dry cider, through to brilliant sweet Keeved cider, & even some elegant perry - all bottles in this selection show just how wonderful cider making in smaller formats; it's a great selection to have in your personal stash to add joy to the odd evening, or a perfect crowd-pleaser at events! 


This selection contains 6 x 330ml bottles, one of each of the following:



Fine Perry Wild Ferment

Pomona Cider Medium

Five Friends - Still Bone Dry Cider



Pilton 20220

Two Rivers 2020

Tamoshanta 2020

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