Brown's Apple 2022

Wilding Cider Brown’s Apple 2022

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Lightly Sparkling Medium Fine Cider

The Brown's Apple is often used as wonderful tool to add soft approachable acidity to cider blends, and is utilised a lot in ciders like Ditcheat Hill & Peppershells from Wilding. 

However, the 2022 season yielded fruit like no other with qualities that were so apparent that trying out a single variety cider with the fruit was a great idea. With significantly higher sugar than is typical, alongside elevated aromatics and a very ripe, soft acid character. This gives the cider more weight and keeps it balanced. 

The nose is deep and complex for a Browns, oily wood/french oak character, gummy sweets, leather, strawberries. In the mouth it is fresh and soft with the acid cutting the sweetness, lots of lush fruit and this is very moreish. This is a relatively small batch so numbers are limited. Alc. 5.8%

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