Yarlington Mill Batonnage 2021

Oliver’s Yarlington Mill Batonnage 2021

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Still Dry Fine Cider 

Tom Oliver's favourite bittersweet cider apple, Yarlington Mill, blended 95% with a 5% dash of Foxwhelp, to help point the cider up. Bâtonnage is the French term for stirring up the lees in the vessel where the wine or cider has been maturing. The process of whizzing up the dead yeast cells like this, mixing them back into the cider, can extract more flavour, aroma & texture. 


This opaque cider has a strong bitter citrus marmalade aroma & an intense floral Yarlington Mill character of spice & pith, with a sweet glaze. A full mouthfeel, with bittersweet orange & the zesty Foxwhelp, which keeps this very tasty cider intense. All Herefordshire Yarlington Mill apples, probably the best in the country. Alc. 6.7%

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