Qvevri 2018

Starvecrow Qvevri 2018

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Naturally Sparkling Dry Fine Cider

An equal blend of Braeburn, Jonagold, Golden's & Bramley apples, fermented over the winter in a Terracotta Qvevri* under the protective veil of flor. Bottled Pét-Nat Style in the spring, without filtration or any sulphur added.


Fresh cider with earthy character & texture. Honey & dry hay on the nose, appley & slightly funky on the palate; long, dry, savoury finish. 


*Qvevri, are large, clay amphora used for the fermentation & maturation of traditional Georgian wine. Alc. 5.5% vol.

First things first, are you of legal drinking age?

No, but I'm working on it