Our Intriguing & Complex Selection

The Fine Cider Company Our Intriguing & Complex Selection

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If you're a fan of craft beer or natural wine, then this is the selection for you


It is for those looking to truly taste all that cider can be - with bottles venturing into the domain of the wild & funky, but also simply the unique & out of the ordinary end of the fine cider spectrum


This selection brings together some of the most fascinating bottles being made today, all from some of the most exciting makers on the planet; those pushing the boundaries, defining quality, & experimenting in wonderful ways 


Right now this selection contains:


Oliver's Mayflower #3

Oliver's Dabinett 2017

Starvecrow Islay 2018

Find & Foster Snicket 2019

Pilton In Touch 2018 & 2019

Wilding Chisel Jersey, Dabinett, Porter's Perfection 2018

Selection of 3, or 6 bottles! All the bottles are subject to availability, where the advertised vintage is not available we will substitute cider or perry for the next available vintage or a similar item

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