One Juice 2019

Oliver’s One Juice 2019

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Sparkling Medium Dry  Fine Cider


One juice was pressed, then split into 5, & fermented by 5 different cider makers. It's a fascinating study in terroir, being all of the same origin, but allowing each maker's approach to shape the fermentation & the cider that results!


This is the Oliver’s batch. It was fermented with wild yeasts in first use Islay whisky barrels, then matured in the same barrels on original lees, before being blended with 3% partially fermented Foxwhelp cider. 


With an almost coastal-brine character, & rich smoked whisky & leather backing it up. All this savoury character is a bold start, before peach & apple juice reach the tongue, finishing finally as a peaty character marries with the tannins, & the acidity of the juice comes through on the finish. Alc. 5.4% vol.

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