Art of Darkness Parts 1, 2 & 3

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Made by James & Susanna Forbes; using Foxwhelp and Ellis Bitter apples, & showcasing them in fascinating ways. Art of Darkness is their annual experiment with extended barrel maturation & the AOD 2017 takes this a step further, giving you an insight into the makers method, with the release of three separate expressions: 


PART 1 is 75% Foxwhelp & 25% Ellis Bitter 

So dominant is the personality of Foxwhelp that even 22 months in a red wine barrel has not defeat it; quite the opposite. The battle has tightened every sinew, where before it was all brash fruit and raw acidity, it is now sculpted, muscular & intense. Aromas and flavours of burnt sugar, rum, honey, sour plums, wild strawberry, rhubarb, red currant and vanilla. Alc. 7.% vol.


PART 2 is 75% Ellis Bitter, & 25% Foxwhelp

Free from the tyranny of Foxwhelp, Ellis Bitter sets about establishing a hedonistic, empire of plenty! Doing what it does best, Ellis absorbs the full influences of the barrel it spent 22 months in. Its rich depth of red fruits, black leaf tea, dried flowers, leather & beguiling violet perfume in the mouth, shows off the variety and its potential to the max. Alc. 7.2% vol.


PART 3 brings together Foxwhelp & Ellis Bitter in equal proportion, 50/50

This is a blend of pure harmony in which the Foxwhelp provides the bones, the muscle and the sinew and Ellis the flesh and blood. Minerally & softly woody on the nose, perfumed in the mouth and rich in juicy pomegranate - this is luscious, pure and concentrated cider that evolves intriguingly in the glass. Alc. 7.1% vol

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