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Wilding Cider Wilding Selection

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Wilding Cider is made by Beccy & Sam Leach, of former restaurant fame with their wonderful Bristol restaurant Birch. Based near Chew Magna in the spiritual home of West Country Cider, Somerset, they ferment in numerous small batches, with reverence to the traditional varieties that are local to their region.  

This is cider made in the most natural of manners, but everything is clean & complex. And like all the best cider makers, their style is unique...

Selection of 6 includes (those marked with an * are in the set of 3):


Marl 2020 

Commix 2021 *

Autumn 2020

Blakeney Red & Yellow Huffcap 2020  * 

Pepperhsells 2021 * 

Stoke Red #1 2020 

All of the bottles are subject to availability, & when an advertised bottle is no longer available we will substitute it for a different one - such as a different vintage - or a second of another bottle.

Why not accompany your set of cider and perry with a bottle of Wilding's Orchard Spirit Eau De Vie or their Pomona - Malus.

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