The Barrel Room Series 2

Oliver’s The Barrel Room Series 2

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An incredibly special set of bottles, that will give you a rare insight into the legendary Tom Oliver of Oliver's Cider & Perry; once again Tom went around his amazing barrel rooms, which feature over 100 barrels of former uses (including Chianti, Calvados & Islay Whiskey, among others), & picked some of the tastiest barrels.


Each one is different, & together they form an incredible set of bottles, including rare & local varieties. Displaying different characteristics but all very scrumptious, still & food ready. This mixed case of 6 contains:


A blend of Blakeney Red, Gin, Butt, Red Longdon & Winnals Longdon, plus some late Moorcroft, from the Whitehouse Orchard in Preston Wynne; just up the road from Oliver’s. Fermented in former rum barrels. Alc 6.6% 


This second Whitehouse Orchard blend from 2020 blends Blakeney Red & Gin Perry Pears. Once again fermented & aged in former rum barrels, that have made their way to these shores from the Caribbean. Alc 6.8% 


A blend from Tom's own Home Orchard, of mid season cider apples. Picked in October 2020 & then fermented & aged in an old whisky barrel from Scotland. Named in recognition of Canadian broadcast legend Rosalie Trombley, a trailblazer for women in the music industry, who was immortalised by Bob Seger in his 1973 single “Rosalie”. Alc. 6.8% 


With this bottle Tom pays homage to the 2 most widely planted cider apples in the UK over the last 50 years: there is a reason why Dabinett & Michelin - in terms of orcharding character, fruiting potential, disease susceptibility, harvesting time etc. - have such a pedigree. Tom likes Dabinett because of its spicey, Seville orangey flavours & overall structure, which give a great backbone & character in a wild ferment. Michelin gives wonderful appley, lighter, fruity & spicey notes.This blend contains 65% Dabinett & 25% Michelin, with 10% of Foxwhelp completing the blend. Fermented in steel & then aged in an old whisky barrel. Alc. 6.2%


Also a blend from Tom's own Home Orchard, & of mid season cider apples. Picked in November 2020 & then fermented and aged in an older whisky barrel from Scotland. Alc. 6.1% 


The final bottle is another Home Orchard cider apple blend, & worth comparing with Rosalie because whilst the blend that went into the barrels is similar, the result is amazingly different! This vinous cider is one of Tom's favourites of the 2020 season barrels.... Apple wine?! No way, cider as it should be & always was!!! Alc. 6.3%

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