Oliver's Small Bottle Selection - Gift Pack

The Fine Cider Company Oliver’s Small Bottle Selection - Gift Pack

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While we love the variety, complexity & charms that large bottles can hold, every now & then you just want a small bottle of something wonderful to enjoy; so we have created a case of 6 incredible little bottles, to have in reserve, for whenever you simply feel like a cider or perry!


With the inclusion of our Book - containing all that we've learned, experienced, and had insight into since we first set up as cider merchants - this is the ideal way to get to know what Fine Cider is all about, whether it is new to you, or you simply want to go to more depth! 


This selection contains the second edition of our Fine Cider Book, a handy reusable bottle carrier made from jute (to keep for life, for shopping, picnics etc.) & 6 x 330ml bottles, comprising two of each of the following:


2 x Oliver's Fine Perry Wild Ferment

2 x Oliver's Pomona Cider Medium

2 x Oliver's Five Friends - Still Bone Dry Cider

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