Pomme Royale Cocktail Set

The Fine Cider Company Pomme Royale Cocktail Set

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If you have never tried Ice Cider, then imagine the most exquisite dessert wine you have ever tasted; full of succulent apple, & beautifully balanced by wonderful acidity. As an after-dinner drink ice ciders are unbeatable but as bartenders from Sweden to London are discovering, it can also make an incredible cocktail; the Pomme Royale, a twist on the classic Kir Royale.

And this kit has the perfect ratios of the ideal bottles for the best Pomme Royale: one 375ml bottle of Brannland IsCider 2021, and two bottles of Traditional Method cider; one 750ml bottle of Find & Foster Appellation 2020, & one 750ml bottle of Two Orchards Traditional Method 2020.


How to mix a Pomme Royale:

Add ice to a wine glass until it is nearly full 

Pour in ice cider (until you’ve filled about one-third of the glass)

Top up with Traditional Method Cider 

Stir gently to mix

Sprinkle flaked sea salt over the top

The idea was born in France where Brännland went to showcase its ice ciders. They found themselves surrounded by the finest Champagne Houses and after a long day of tasting a simple but luscious cocktail was created...then they returned to Sweden and asked some famed Swedish bartenders for their take on this new Classic.

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