Pét Nat Perry 2018

Little Pomona Orchard & Cidery Pét Nat Perry 2018

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Naturally Sparkling Medium Dry Fine Perry

A complex, rich perry spontaneously fermented & bottled Pét-Nat style. Made mainly with Red Pear 70% , Butt & Blakeney Red equally distributed at 12.5% each, the rest is Oldfield & cryo extracted Newton Wonder & Michelin.


This Perry is creamy, soft, spicy, savoury & herbal. With notes of green & yellow fruit - e.g. lime & melon. It evolves with each sip; only the gentle acid & fine tannins remain constant.


Fermented with wild yeasts, partially in ex whisky barrels. With no sulphites added & no filtering or pasteurisation. Alc. 7.1% vol


Last remaining bottles are still available in the Little Pomona Selection!  

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