Orchard Spirit 2019 - Eau de Vie

Wilding Cider Orchard Spirit 2019 - Eau de Vie

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Cider Apple Eau de Vie


A distillation of history, orchard culture, landscape & sunlight into concentrated form; each bottle contains roughly 7kg of hand picked vintage quality cider apples, from old, traditional orchards in Somerset.


Their juice was fermented slowly & matured for six months before distillation by Bristol’s Circumstance Distillery, capturing the intense essence of fruit. The resulting spirit is very smooth & sweet on the tongue, & noticeably unctuous. Aromas are extremely clean & refined: toffee, fennel seed, orchard floor, ripe apples, raisins. The finish is long & sweet with liquorice.


This eau de Vie is un-aged & youthful in character, but exhibits the influence of mature orchards from which it is made. Alc. 40% vol.

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