Mixed Cider (Cans)

Oliver’s Mixed Cider (Cans)

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Cases filled with cans: half Oliver's Fine Cider cans & half Oliver's Guilty Pleasure cans! 


The fine cider cans are founded on the attributes of the Michelin apple to produce a full bodied cider but with a gentle astringency and dryness that when fully fermented is fruity and engaging.Brighter and is a touch more mature than previous batches, notes of mandarin pith and stone plum fruit. Fully fermented with a drying fruity apple finish that leaves you just wanting more of this crushable beauty. 6.3% vol.


The guilty pleasure cans list in the ingredients sugar & carbon dioxide - it's sweetened & carbonated: it satiates those desires for something with a little sweetness, have those bubbles dance in your mouth, without having to resort to something crap. It has a big spicey nose, with a touch of funk. The first taste is bright acidity, matching the apple sweetness, then the orange & clove character builds. It's a cider alive & full of flavour. 6.3% vol.

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