Late Summer Releases - Seasonal Selection

The Fine Cider Company Late Summer Releases - Seasonal Selection

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Late summer is a special time for cider; the quicker creations of last years harvest, the pet nats & keeved bottles for example, start to give way to styles that have had a little more time... those extra few months to mature in the bottle, or barrel, perhaps. 


But it's also a time where the summers sun has left it's mark on the land, the greens having turned dry yellow, & while it might still sit bright in the sky, the sun does so less & less each day; so inside we once again turn, the dinner table reclaims it's role, & such ciders show their brilliance alongside food. And all the while, this years harvest has begun in the orchards, & a new vintage is in its infancy.... 

This selection shows off a fascinating mix of bottles, from a range of makers & years, but all slightly fuller bodied, & brilliant at this time of year. Each is at home on your dinner table, before, with, or after dinner. It contains (selection of 3 bottles is also available, containing the bottles with an *): 


Little Pomona On the Beech 2020

Wilding Run Deep 2018

Find & Foster Allan 2020 * 

Oliver's Yarlington Mill 2019

Pilton Smokey Plum 2020

Gregg’s Pit Barnet, Hendre Huffcap & Winnals Longdon 2020 * 

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