Hybrid & Co - Ferment  Selection

The Fine Cider Company Hybrid & Co - Ferment Selection

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The weird & wonderful world of fermentation allows so much; there are doors that can be explored & fascinating things can await those who venture to the other side! The world of alcohol has long been one with strong categories & definition, but those boundaries are being broken down as different fruits & approaches to fermentation push the boundaries!  


This selection brings a fascinating set of hybrid & co-fermented bottles together, in all their varied glory! It contains (selection of 3 bottles is also available, containing the bottles with an *): 

Oliver’s & Mills  Foxbic Five 2021 

Little Pomona Orchard & Cidery To Boldly Go, Who Mourns for Grapes? 2022 * 

Oliver's At The Hop #11  *

Oliver’s Thirteenth Fire - Mills Collab 

Pilton Pomme Pomme 2021 * 

Starvecrow Cherry Carbo 2021  

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