Col Fondo - Egremont Russet 2019

Little Pomona Orchard & Cidery Col Fondo - Egremont Russet 2019

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Sparkling Dry Fine Cider


A single Variety cider, & Little Pomona’s third experiment with the Egremont Russet apple; this time, their take on the Col Fondo method (an Italian term reserved specifically for Proseccos, the distinguishing feature of which is that the liquid is not disgorged—that is, the sediment is left inside the bottle).


On the nose there's Russet apples along with honeydew melon & blossom. It’s a lovely green tinged, slightly hazy yellow colour. In the mouth it has a pillowy sparkle, flavours of kiwi & lime zest, & that characteristic spice & slight tanginess of the col fondo. Alc. 8.4% vol

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