Autumnal Selection

The Fine Cider Company Autumnal Selection

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Good cider is a drink for all seasons, & here's a selection to prove it to you: as the days shorten & the leaves turn orange, reminiscent of the amber tones of tannic cider, food & drink become even lovelier a comfort. This is where full bodied, complex, dry or succulent sweet cider can really come into its own, feeding the richer requirements of the palate, & pairing beautifully with richer, more filling food. 


We know most think of cider as a summer drink - & yes, in summer's warmth, it can be unbeatable - but good cider transcends its mass-market summer bonds; it's a varied & versatile thing, try it by the fire, on days that darken ever earlier, or with rich winter dishes; it's acidity will cut through fat, cleansing your palate. 


So we have created a selection of bottles, that we think work particularly well in an Autumnal way, from six wonderful cideries. This selection contains:


Starvecrow Bourbon 2018*  

Oliver’s The Mayflower #3 

Find & Foster Huxham 2019*

Pilton Queen of the Brue 2018

Gregg’s Pit Dabinett & Yarlington Mill 2019

Wilding Cider Yarlington Mill, Porter’s Perfection & Sweet Coppin 2018


Selection of 3 bottles is also available (containing the bottles with an *).

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