Writer's Perry and Blakeney Red 2017

We're so excited about these two new perries from the master of perry himself, Tom Oliver. Writer's Perry (which was made in collaboration with Dan Saladino), and Blakeney Red 2017.

Perry is getting so much more recognition and attention of late (for example this article by Alice Lascelles in the FT) and this is the kind of perry we get most excited about, perry in it's most wine-like form. It's still, dry and deeply nuanced.

First, the Blakeney Red 2017; a fantastic single variety perry (made with Blakeney Red perry pear). It has soft sweet rhubarb on the nose. Notes of apricot, a nice acidity and bitter tail, plus a slight dusting of tannins.

Next up, the Writer's Perry; Thorn, Blakeney Red, Coppy and Winnall's Longdon perry pears blended to perfection. Tom worked in collaboration with Dan Saladino, who helped with picking, pressing and then the blending. Lime and leather on the nose. Citrus sharpness and gooseberry character with barrel notes on the tail.

To view the full tech sheet for Blakeney Red click here.

To view the full tech sheet for Writer's Perry click here.

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