The Mayflower #3

The last vintage was a huge hit at Raw Wine fair, and was also very popular last winter with our customers.

It's the second incarnation of an experiment by one of the best experimenters in cider, Mr Tom Oliver. Tom has really refined the blend and it's even better than the first.

It was titled 'The Mayflower' in reference to the techniques used, being inspired by recent and historic creations on the East Coast of the USA. Being the land where The Mayflower landed on the 9th of November 1620, carrying settlers to the unexplored territory that is today called Massachusetts.

During the fermentation of bittersweet and bittersharp Herefordshire apples, dried fruit was added to the barrel, and it was then blended with an Ice Cider after partial fermentation.

Taste wise it has a great sweetness from the ice cider alongside a touch of volatile acidity towards the end, tannins from the fruit, and notes of robust plum and spice. It's a very layered thing.

It's a truly perfect thing for the winter weather. Find it on 'Buy Our Ciders'!


& check out the full tech sheet here.

First things first, are you of legal drinking age?

No, but I'm working on it