Our Perry Selection

As you can tell by our previous blog posts, we are rolling out some fantastic new selections for you in the run up to Christmas.

And this is a really special one: Our Perry Selection, which contains six of the most wonderful perries around. The selection showcases all the elements of great perry, varying from still to sparkling, sweet to dry:


Oliver's Keeved Fine Perry #3

Butford Organics Hendre Huffcap 2018

Gregg's Pit Champagne Perry 2015

Oliver's Writer's Perry 2017

Butford Organics Aurora 2018

Oliver's Blakeney Red 2018

Taste wise perry can have fascinating slight creaminess and an abundance of exquisite natural sweetness; think floral sweet, like the succulence of nectar in a flower that intoxicates you to smell it again and again. 

But what is perry? While good cider and perry are made in hugely interrelated ways, perry is a thing of unique subtlety and rarity. 


Two perry pears—the Thorn and the Blakeney Red—exemplify some of the qualities perry can have. Perries made with the Thorn have an archetypal reminiscence of grapefruit, not the bitterness but the succulent fruity side with just a hint of tartness. The Thorn stands wonderfully alone when used as a single variety. The Blakeney Red, however, is a little less showy; it often forms a key part of a blend and has archetypal notes of elderflower. It is a rosy, more perfumed thing, with a nice bit of tannin to it; none too few but none too much.

We hope you will agree that these perries really showcase the beauty of fine ‘small batch’ perry.


Find it HERE.

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