Our Oliver's Selection

Many of you will know of Tom Oliver, and the exquisite ciders and perries he has made for the past quarter of a century; quite rightly he is considered the godfather of the current fine cider movement. And more than once he has been titled as one of the best cider makers on earth, and he has a relentless desire to explore, experiment and move forward his cider making. 

For example, he recently discovered the Coppy perry pear, and makes small batches of perry from the only known adult tree of the variety in existence. You may also know of his reputation and collaborations in the craft beer world, collaborating on some truly exciting things with some of the best known craft brewery in the country. 

Tom is a master steward of wild yeast fermentations, and also renowned for his blending. Combine this with his vast array of differing former use barrels in his barrel rooms, and the variety of cider apples available on his doorstep in Herefordshire, and the results can show all that ine cider can truly be. 

This is the first time we've done a selection that focuses on one maker alone, and we felt it only fitting to start with Tom, to make up our first makers selection - 6 large bottles of the finest ciders and/or perries, that maker has to offer. 

What better present could there be, to give someone else (or yourself) than an array of bottles dating back as far as the 2015 season, nearly a half decade, before we welcome in the 2020's. As always from Tom, it's also incredibly good value for the quality, at less than £9 per 750ml bottle, including delivery. 

The six 750ml bottles the selection contains are:

Oliver's Bottle Conditioned Dry Cider 2015

Oliver's Yarlington Mill Cider 2018

Oliver's Blakeney Red Perry 2017

Oliver's Dabinett Cider 2017

Oliver's Writer's Perry 2018

Oliver's Keeved Perry 2017

You can find it HERE and in the 'Selections' section.

First things first, are you of legal drinking age?

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