New Season Butford Organics


Many of you may remember the wonderfully succulent Thorn, Hendre Huffcap and Auora Perries from Butford Organics, well the 2018 seasons vintage of these three beauties has just arrived.

Perry has been getting so much more recognition and attention of late (for example this article by Alice Lascelles in the FT), and quite rightly so; it can be a remarkable thing, of fascinating succulence, subtlety and nuance. Often said to have been titled 'The English Champagne' by Napoleon Bonaparte, it had fallen far from the prestige it once had into near obscurity, until this recent resurgence.

Herefordshire has the heart of exquisite perry making in Britain for centuries, and Martin at Butford Organics has been making fantastic small batch perry for years, with wonderful Herefordshire perry pear varieties and a minimal intervention approach.

First up, the Aurora 2018: a fantastic blend of Blakeney Red, Winnals Longdon, Green Horse and other Herefordshire perry pears. On the nose it's vibrant with notes of nectar. Taste wise it has creamy texture, with punchy bubbles, sharp acidity and a nice soft bitterness.

Next up, the Thorn 2018: a single variety perry (100% Thorn perry pear) with soft bubbles, and a mousse-y texture followed by wonderfully succulent notes of grapefruit and other citrus fruits.

Finally, the Hendre Huffcap 2018: on the nose it's sightly funky and herbaceous. On the palate, it's very softly sparkling, with a beautiful creamy texture with wonderful notes of elderflower and white berries.

To view the full tech sheet for Aurora 2018 click here.

To view the full tech sheet for Thorn 2018 click here.

To view the full tech sheet for Hendre Huffcap 2018 click here.

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