3 New Bottles From Tom Oliver


Pulling together an understanding of centuries of Herefordshire cider making knowledge with decades of personal experience, Tom Oliver's creations always work with the bounty of wild yeasts. He experiments, loving tweaking things from season to season, and the three new bottles we now have are a great reflection of both his grounding in tradition and his leading light experimentation:

The Next Big Thing 2018 - we think of this like a light dessert wine, the cider version of a Moscato; sumptuously naturally sweet (thanks to Keeving) and lightly sparkling. It's a deep, rich amber liquid that sits bright in the bottle. Pours with fine spritz and settles quickly in the glass. Beautiful full apple nose of baked apple and apricots. Gorgeous deep red juicy apple richness with bright balancing acidity and full, robust backbone of tannin. 

Take a look at the full tech sheet here.

Traditional Dry - the name says a lot. But what we love about this cider, is the potential it shows of still dry cider to be like still dry wine; mature, complex, unique. It pours still with a light amber hue and unfiltered clarity. Spicy and sharp apple nose. Great body and mouthfeel with delicious cidery tang. Ripe red and green apple fruit and acidity. Proper traditional tasting cider-benefitting from the the massive apple blend.

Take a look at the full tech sheet here.

Bottle Conditioned Medium Dry 2017 - those of you who know Tom's bottle conditioned ciders will want to taste this one: it was racked 5 times before bottling mid June 2018, and then left in bottle for 18 months to mature. Taste enhanced by great conditioning, acidity and rich tannins giving a full mouthfeel with a fruity aftertaste and refreshing dry finish. Chill well/treat like a Champagne as vibrantly sparkling. 

Take a look at the full tech sheet here.


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